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Relentless AF stands for ‘Relentless As F*ck’—OR 'Relentless And Fun.' It’s a playful twist on how to be insanely relentless, yet still have a good time. 


Relentless AF is Chris’ story of the hard knocks he took building his business, the mindset tips he developed along the way, and the lessons learned, which will also help you gain a fundamental understanding of yourself as an entrepreneur and a leader so you can harness that knowledge to get you to your goals faster, with fewer bruises along the way. 


Through practical pro tips and growth exercises in each chapter designed to activate your learning, this book will give you the tools you need to navigate your own path to freedom as an entrepreneur.

Author Chris Jones
"The rising tide
lifts all the boats."

- John F. Kennedy

"​In business, encountering crisis is inevitable. How we elevate ourselves and our organization during crisis is a learned skill. In Relentless AF, Chris Jones shares the impactful lessons he learned when his company faced disaster and imparts valuable wisdom which might prevent us from making the same mistakes he did. If you are an entrepreneur or a leader in your company, you need to read Relentless AF!"

Don Bell, Co-Founder of WestJet

The methods and systems Chris used to rescue his company from complete disaster and shepherd it through monumental growth can be applied to any business, whether you are a start-up company or have years of experience under your belt.


Chris is relentless in the way he has tackled life’s challenges and pursued his dreams. He has found ways to develop resilience through the most challenging situations and learned ways to leverage it towards success. This book brings all his years of experience and expertise right to your fingertips. 

Relentless AF brings Chris' years of experience and expertise right to your fingertips.
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